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Product Questions
Can I order an album or keepsake box and personalize it later?
  It depends on which album you order. If you are ordering an aimeej album, then the answer is YES! Most people want to start on their albums before their baby is born or buy our album as a gift. Personalizing it later is easy! The personalized insert is a card stock insert that you can place into your album yourself. When you know the baby’s name and birth date, simply order the insert online for $5 and we’ll ship it out to you free of charge! Or, order it now and list the name and birth date as “TBD”. Then, contact us when the baby is born and we’ll ship the insert out to you complimentary.
What is a post bound album?
  Simply - it’s a scrapbook style album that is bound with 2 or 3 aluminum screws. In general, the pages for this type of album go into page protectors and the page protectors fit over the screws. This kind of album allows you to take out or add pages and is great because the pages lay flat.
What is a page protector?
  It’s a top loading plastic sleeve that scrapbook pages slip into to help protect them for a lifetime. aimeej manufactures our own page protectors out of the highest quality archival polypropylene. If you’ve never seen them in a scrapbook, I promise you they do not look like Avery office page sleeves. Our page protectors fit into most other brands of scrapbooks designed to hold 12" x 12" scrapbook paper.
Can I add more pages to my album?
  Please refer to the descriptions offered for each album.  The information offered here applies to our aimeej brand only: To take out or add more pages in our post bound album, simply unscrew the screws and add more page protectors. Our albums can hold up to 40 page protectors with the standard spine. To expand your album, we offer a 6” spine and screw extenders as accessories.
What is a border page?
  Border pages match the aimeej keepsake journal pages and allow you more room for photos or memorabilia. Each keepsake page has a matching border page that can be used for 2 page layouts. We sell them in a border pack (20 matching pages to our 20 standard Baby Days pages that come in our album or page pack) and individually.
What if I don’t know how to scrapbook?
  When the aimeej founder started the company, she had never stepped foot into a scrapbook store! Our pages are meant for journaling and our border pages are meant for additional photos and memorabilia. How fancy you want to get, is up to you. To embellish your pages just a little, add colored cardstock behind each photo. Remember to just use acid-free products to adhere your photos so they won’t yellow in time. Don’t let the word “scrapbook” intimidate you. Our albums are keepsake albums and really easy to use! And, if you are interested in other albums offered on our website, please know that we look for and offer only other brands that adhere to our motto of "remembering made easy"!
How do I put a post-bound album together once I have taken it apart?
  1. Unscrew the 2 or 3 screws under the screw flaps
  2. Remove the paper spine cover, pages and plastic album cover from the screws
  3. Organize your pages & add screw extenders if necessary to accommodate number of pages
  4. Push screw posts through holes in the back cover
  5. Attach plastic cover for the backside of album through the screw holes
  6. Add paper spine cover
  7. Place all your pages between the 2 sides of the paper spine cover
  8. Close paper spine cover
  9. Attach plastic cover for the frontside of album through screw holes
  10. Attach front cover of album and with the screw heads