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Personalized & Unique Gifts for Kids

Shop here for fun & personalized gifts for toddlers and kids. Find that unique gift to celebrate a child's birthday, holiday or just because occasion. There are even great, inexpensive options for stocking stuffing and party favors.
Apparel Bookmarks & Stickers
Comfy tees for toddlers - many may be personalized and/or organic.
A thoughtful, personalized gift doesn't have to be expensive.  Personalized bookmarks and stickers make great party favors.
Journals Luggables
Personalized journals to inspire the creativity in every child.
Shop our selection of soft, cuddly and useful Luggables
Nap Mats & Sleeping Bags Personalized Coloring Books
Perfect for daycare, sleepovers, family outings - any place your little ones may want a comfy and familiar place to lay their sleepy heads.
Personalized Coloring Books
Personalized Labels Plates & Placemats
All of these labels are waterproofed and come personalized. They make great birthday party favors, stocking stuffers, and reward gifts for a job well done.
Practical and fun ways to make mealtime more fun for little ones.
Puzzles By Age: 1-3
Making the pieces fit together is more fun when the completed puzzle spells out your name. Our selection includes both cardboard and wooden puzzles - all made in the USA.
Toddler & Preschool Boy Gifts
By Age: 4-5 By Age: 6 & Up
Gifts for Young Boys